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Creating Hope for Families in Need

Losing a job, a sudden car breakdown, or an unexpected medical expense – these are the everyday situations that can turn an ordinary family into one facing a crisis. However, the world we live in today is far from ordinary. We are witnessing financial hardships affecting working families on an unprecedented scale, and the sheer number of individuals seeking assistance at our doorstep is overwhelming. Instead of commuting to the jobs they've devoted years to, they find themselves grappling with the uncertainty of how to cover their mortgage, provide for their children, or adapt to this prolonged "new normal" in their lives.

Still today, 10% of those walking through our doors are new clients who are finding themselves in need for the very first time. And the need is great.

Your generosity enables us to extend a helping hand and instill hope in families during their most challenging moments. We provide essential support such as food, clothing, housing assistance, emergency financial aid, and more, thanks to your contributions. Beyond our physical locations in Merced, Fresno, and Bakersfield, we remain dedicated to bridging service gaps in rural communities across Merced to Kern counties. Notably, half of our food distribution now occurs through coordinated outreach initiatives in the rural areas of the San Joaquin Valley. This outreach is possible due to your support.

We are dedicated to doing the most good with the generous donations made to Catholic Charities and are proud to share that 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly into our programs and services that provide help and create hope for those seeking assistance.

To make a donation by phone, you can reach us at (559) 237-0851. If you prefer to contribute to programs and services at a specific site (Fresno, Merced, or Bakersfield), please indicate your choice, and rest assured that your donation will directly benefit the intended community. Additionally, we accept donations in the form of checks, appreciated stock or other assets, bequests and planned gifts, honorary and memorial gifts, corporate donations, employer matching gifts, as well as vehicle donations. To learn more about a planned gift please contact Jeff Negrete at (559)237-0851. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Any donation large or small makes a BIG difference to a family in crisis. Thank you for allowing us to be a bridge of hope for those in the greatest of need.